About Us

Let us introduce ourselves

There’s a certain amount of artistry to the perfect coffee.

It’s about the roasting of the beans, the configuration of the machine and the expertise of the barista, combined with the character of the staff and the setting’s ambiance.

That initial taste should be like a first kiss.. a blissful moment you will remember and want again.

Cruze Coffee are your coffee artisans.

For Cruze Coffee owner, Gilberto Risa, the journey to Cairns started as a childhood dream in his hometown of Florence, Italy.

Coffee is synonymous with Italian culture and as a barista it’s only natural Gil chose coffee as his life passion and conquest.

His career began in his early teens, working in family restaurants and cafes.  In 1992 he moved to Australia, taking on many ventures and eventually settling in Cairns, his childhood dream finally a reality.

It was in Cairns, that the concept of Cruze Coffee was born.

First established in 2010 in Oceana Walk Arcade, between Lake and Grafton Streets in the Cairns CBD, the business initially only sold beans.

After a few months, the first coffee machines were installed, and Cruze Coffee very quickly became synonymous with Cairns growing coffee culture.

Young barista Rhiannon, joined the team soon after; her quirky and vivacious personality blending perfectly with the Cruze Coffee culture.

About four years ago, Cruze relocated to their present Cairns location at 105 Grafton Street, the extra room allowing for the installation of a coffee roaster with Harry taking on the ‘Master Roaster’ title.

At the end of 2017, the business commenced a new chapter, the establishment of a second store within Cairns Central Shopping Centre, under the leadership of Rhiannon, with Shannan and Sebastian as senior support crew.

Known affectionately by many as “the Godfather of Coffee” Gil has successfully created a culture to consistently deliver fresh coffee and quality service with passion and professionalism.

With more than 30 varieties of coffee to suit individual tastes – from original Cruze blends to single origins and flavoured  – there is plenty of scope for fun, experimentation and of course satisfaction.

Drop in and ask the crew to make you a coffee you can’t refuse!